How we help the Environment

Long-lasting design

 The BBS has been designed to be extremely robust and durable. The food-grade silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 235°C (445°F) and can take whatever life can throw at it.


Sustainable materials

 The plastics of the BBS are made from 100% recycled material meaning that they are helping divert plastics to landfill. The materials are all single plastic allowing each of them to be recycled at end-of-life.


Environmentally friendly factories

 The factories that are involved in the production of the BBS all have EN14000 certification meaning that they consciously manage their environmental responsibilities.

Reduce impact of wipe disposal in the Environment

Are you sick of using so many wipes?

 Save a minimum of 6 wipes per day per child. Thats 2190 a year! This SAVES you money but also the Environment. No wipes required for a WET nappy change and reduce the amount of wipes used cleaning a DIRTY nappy.