Why we created the Baby Bum Shower!

With the launch of the Baby Bum Shower we wanted to jump on and give you a brief history on the Baby Bum Shower and why we decided to create our on the go soap solution!

The Baby Bum Shower was born out of necessity when Jess was faced with the need to clean her nieces very dirty nappy in the back of a car, the lightbulb moment happened... there had to be an easy and more hygienic and safe way to clean nappies! Faced with a very dirty bottom and armoured with only a few baby wipes Jess was determined to find a better way! That’s when the Baby Bum Shower was born.

Since its creation the Baby Bum Shower has always been centered around ease of use, with your family's hygiene in mind. The Baby Bum Shower has been years in the making. We went from strength to strength with our prototypes, and could not be prouder of what we have accomplished, a practical and easy solution to dirty hands, feet, and bottoms.

As parents ourselves we saw that there were many ways our hygiene standards when it came to be on the go, could improve. We wanted to include soap and water in the cleaning process, finding that ‘hand washing reduces diarrhoea episodes by 30%. Poor hygiene both in the cleaning process of changing nappies and long term hygiene habits directly contribute to these statistics’ - Ejemot-Nwadiaro et al. We have all been caught out one time or another at a picnic spot or carpark with no public toilets in sight, and after those dreaded explosions (yes you know the ones), hand washing is ESSENTIAL...enter the Baby Bum Shower.

When it comes to nappy wipes and alcohol hand gels there could be potential irritants involved not to mention that hand gels do not remove residue...which we can all agree is an important part of the process. Because sometimes you really just need water.

For us the Baby Bum Shower was created to allow all families to have the best hygiene standards wherever they are in their busy routine, and to keep their little one safe from harsh irritants, poor hygiene standards, and create a greener world for their future.

We could not be prouder of our brain child, and sharing it with you all, our community has us grinning from ear to ear!

If you want to read up more about the Baby Bum Shower jump onto our website here.