TICKER NEWS: All things BBS!

A big thank you to Ticker News for having us the other day! We tuned in live to explain how the Baby Bum Shower came about, how to use it and its benefits!

It all started with a chaotic car-park nappy change when nurse Jess realised that there had to be a better way to clean a baby’s bum without excessive wipes and extra mess. 

An easy to use alternative that eliminated the mess, waste and the overall stress on parents and their babies’ sensitive skin was necessary, thus the Baby Bum Shower was born! A portable hand-held device providing a continuous stream of water for all baby and hand cleaning needs! One device holds enough water for up to 10 washes.

You simply rinse your baby’s bum with a pressurised stream of water from the device, allowing the dirty nappy to absorb excess liquid, until clean, and put on a clean nappy! Not only is it a better alternative for sensitive baby skin, but it’s environmentally friendly. 

Our parent feedback so far has been extremely positive: Try the Baby Bum Shower today. We’re sure you and your baby will love it!

To watch our full appearance on Ticker News, follow the link below: