The Power of Water: Why skincare isn’t right for your baby.

At BBS, we promote the benefits of using water to clean your baby as opposed to ‘skincare’ products loaded with chemicals and fragrances that simply irritate your baby’s fragile skin. Especially when it comes to newborns. 

This is why we developed the Baby Bum Shower.

A journal article written by Sharon Trotter RM BSc, “Why no baby skincare product should be advertised or promoted as ‘suitable for newborn skin’” perfectly aligns with our beliefs and provides insight into the science supporting water-based cleaning methods over the use of harsh chemicals. 

Trotter emphasises just how thin the neonatal skin barrier is, thus it is more permeable than that of an older baby and cannot adequately handle the irritating and drying effects of chemicals found in baby skincare products. When such detergent products are used and overused, the sulphates they contain can cause serious damage to and remove this fragile barrier. 

Not only this, but excessive washing of your baby (even when just water is being used) can reduce the effectiveness of the barrier’s protective function causing irritation. Therefore, it is recommended to only wash your baby when necessary.

Trotter also highlights the best methods for neonatal skincare. Such practices include:

  • Using your hands or a natural sponge when washing your baby (not harsh wash cloths)
  • Using plain water for at least the first month (later on baby products can be incorporated in small amounts but should be free of sulphates, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances)
  • Patch testing any products to be used on a small area of the skin before using to ensure the baby doesn’t have a harmful reaction

The Baby Bum Shower is the perfect alternative to harsh cleaning methods and products, leaving your baby and their skin happy and healthy. 

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