The BBS: Winner Of The NAPPA Awards!

We are so excited to announce that we have won the National Parenting Products Award and you can read the whole thing right here!

Being awarded this honour makes us so happy to know that our brain child is enjoyed and loved by so many parents worldwide. 

Here are some of our favourite quotes from parents who have tried our Baby Bum Shower and helped us achieve this award.

“This is a very innovative product. Diaper and wipe waste is a huge issue and I love that this product not only aims to help keep your baby’s bottom  clean, but also help the environment.”

“I like the size of this product. It doesn’t take up any space on the changing table and it also can easily fit in my diaper bag. Wipes can exacerbate a diaper rash, so being able to cleanse the area with water is much gentler on my baby’s bum.”

We just LOVE that you parents out there are not only obsessed with this product but you understand the importance of a sustainable cleaning solution when it comes to our kids.

If you haven’t got your BBS yet then click right here, if you have been using your BBS for a while then we would love to hear what you think of it so leave us a review!