Keeping your newborn + your relationship healthy - relationship survival tips

First you were partners and now you are parents, and this adjustment is a big one! Along with all the highs of parenthood, you are also hitting some big lows (not to mention a sleep deprivation level you thought would only be possible in your nightmares), you’re wondering if you’re all alone in this and let us tell you now you are not!

But your partner and crime in all this IS your partner, it’s both of you against the world, but here are a few tips on how to keep the band together when it all starts to get a little too much.

Appreciate each other

Making sure that even when everything is covered in something that resembles food or the more digested kind, take the time to thank your partner for the little things that they do in the day for you, even if it is as simple as putting a load of washing on, these small acts that go unnoticed are will create an environment of gratitude and thankfulness (we know it sounds silly but sometimes it really is that simple).

Talk it out

We know you know the saying communication is key but effective communication can bring what seem like big issues down to scale when we talk about them out loud. When we say out loud we don’t mean volume though either. Having calm conversations with your partner about what is on your mind, is the best way to create an environment for healthy conversation, even if that means writing a few things down so you own your feelings, and stay specific. Word to the wise try and steer clear of criticism based communication, it’s better in the long run we promise.

Find time to connect with each other 

Finding time to connect just the two of you is the hardest part of new parenthood, we aren’t even talking candles, or fancy restaurants, maybe just a cup of coffee together on a Sunday and chatting about your week. Newborn life means you don’t have all the time in the world for yourself or each other, but finding time to do things either together or sometimes just you can help.

We know these aren't magic fixes, but they are small little tips that can sometimes make all the difference when you and your partner are feeling the strain of parenthood, deep breaths you BOTH have got this!